Motivation To Lose Weight And Exercise

If you’ve ever been on a good weight loss program most likely you lost weight slowly over a long period of time. It’s hard to keep your motivation to lose weight and exercise. So many people are struggling through the same things. You are doing everything you can, sticking to your workout routine and eating healthy, possibly for the first time in your life. You can see your goal weight coming off in the distance, but you’re not there yet.

I bet you’d love to know what reaching your goal weight will feel like. If so, I can tell you from experience that it is an exhilarating feeling. I lost over a hundred pounds to reach my goal weight. There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment that you have been able to focus on your body so that it is healthier and leaner. The decision to change your lifestyle has lead you down a path to regaining a healthy fat-free body.

Once you reach your goal weight and have put in months or years of hard work to get there, it is likely you will probably continue on your merry way eating healthily and maintining the active lifestyle that has gotten you where you are now. Without doubt you will have learned that you do not want to go back to the life you just escaped from.

Also, since you have lived through the experience of once being fat and now being fit you probably have come to accept that the path that brought you to your goal weight is a lifestyle change that you can live with forever. You’ve managed to truly transform your life forget what anyone says you have every right to celebrate.

Just do not tempt fate and abandon the program that got you to your goal weight. People who have overcome the huge obstacle that come with reaching their goal weight will end up back in the grips of an unhealthy lifestyle again. However, there’s always those who think they can get away with sneaking some junk food and skipping a workout or two who realize to late they’ve started on the road back to unhealthy living.

I know that this will not happen to you because you put in too much of an effort to reach your goal weight. But as a reminder to what can happen if you return to your unhealthy lifestyle you should have a before and after picture posted somewhere privately that you can look at if you’re ever tempted to backslide. This is extremely important to keep up your motivation to lose weight and exercise. Reminders like these will keep you on the right track to keeping your hard earned new healthy body when all else fails.